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Artell: "It Is Difficult For Players To Refrain From Celebrating A Goal"

21 January 2021

David Artell says it is difficult for players to refrain from celebrating when they score a goal or win a football match. Football has been heavily criticised in some quarters for players embracing each other when a goal is scored but Artell says that with footballers and staff being tested twice a week and operating within a restricted bubble, the industry remains one of the safest to operate in in the country.

Artell believes that footballers’ celebrating a goal is 'the least of our worries' inside this global pandemic and he is more concerned with them receiving haircuts on a regular basis during a national lockdown.

The Alex boss explained to the club’s official website: “I know there has been a lot said about goal celebrations and sections of the media seem to be picking on football and footballers again. This hasn’t come from the government.

“That is just my opinion and I must reiterate that football has to be one of the safest industries in the country. We are tested twice a week and are highly regulated. We have been under severe conditions since football resumed and we follow the government guidance to the letter.

“We do everything we possibly can to keep our players and staff safe. We have a bubble and no-one is allowed to enter it if they do not have these negative tests. It is that simple.

“They are on about celebrations within our own bubble but say nothing about man-marking at a set-piece up against someone who is not in your bubble. It doesn’t make sense to me. It must have been a slow news day on social media.

“If criticising footballers for celebrating a goal is top priority then I would say it is the least of our worries. Football has to be one of the safest industries and if players are positive then they are taken straight out of the environment and self-isolate.

“The media will reveal numbers of positive tests, but we are testing more than anybody. We are probably tested the same as the health industry, so the figures are going to be there.

He added: “I would be more concerned about players having haircuts on a regular basis. Unless their wives, or girlfriends are hairdressers then how it is possible?  I was sure to see some more cave men after the salons were closed but I haven’t.




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