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Artell: "To Cancel The Non-League Season Below The Conference Was Done In Haste"

30 March 2020

David Artell believes that the decision to ‘null and void’ the football season below the National League has concluded fR too hastily and that not every avenue was discussed as a possibility to conclude the season.

Of course, the decision to end the non-league season from steps 3-to-7 last week has caused outrage at a host of clubs, especially to those who were on the verge of possibly winning a promotion or securing a play-off place.

For example, Vauxhall Motors had already secured promotion from their respective league and that has now been stripped from them.

When asked about the non-league scene ending in such a disappointing manner due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the Crewe boss said: “I can see why some non-league clubs and their chairman have been jumpy because their player contracts usually end on the 1st May, but in my opinion I think they acted in haste.

“They could have come up with a solution and they could have delayed the decision further to see where we after Easter and going into mid-April. I think cancelling the season was a bit drastic and I would like to know the feelings behind making such a decision.

“I don’t think the powers that be have explored every opportunity and if the clubs have not been consulted over it then I find that disgraceful. They are the governing body for their member clubs and should have collated the opinions of the clubs surely?

“There are a lot of people who have put a lot hard work and financial support into the season and to just null and void it is not good enough on their part.

“They were not flexible enough and acted too hastily for me.”

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