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Dario Hails Ronaldo As The Best

14 June 2016

Dario likes to see the skilll factor of Portugal's world class performer.

Dario Gradi has hailed Cristiano Ronaldo as his favourite player ahead of Portugal’s opening game of Euro 2016 against Iceland this evening. The Club’s Director of Football says he prefers to watch the Real Madrid above anyone else because of his athleticism and unpredictable skill.

Dario told “Football at the top level can be quite boring at times. You see the goalkeeper roll the ball out and you could go and make yourself a cup of tea, and by the time you get back they are just over the half-way line.

“They then pass it back to the goalkeeper and he kicks it up the pitch anyway. I like to watch skilful, attractive football, so that is why I am looking forward to watching Ronaldo. He brings something different, some tricks and skill.

“We watch a lot of Ronaldo DVD’s here because his mastery of the ball is second to none. He has got great feet and we have to get more out of the kids in this country in terms of real skill.

“I read what Alex (Ferguson) says about Ronaldo and about how hard he worked at his game, to improve and that should be a spur to all young players and to all our coaches. He worked so hard to get better and I’m sure he still does at Madrid. 

Dario added: “It annoys me when people say there is nothing on, that a player was marked and he couldn’t make the pass. It is up to that player to be able to cope with being marked and playing under pressure. I would just say give it to him and see how he copes because if he is a good player then he will.”

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