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Surprised By Sir Alex Retiring

21 May 2013

Dario on Sir Alex's decision to retire at the conclusion of the season

Dario Gradi says he was surprised that Sir Alex Ferguson decided to retire at the end of the season after nearly 27 seasons at Manchester United, but says that the relentless pressure and his age would have been the deciding factor in his decision.

Sir Alex Ferguson bowed out with a thrilling 5-5 draw with West Bromwich Albion and a 13th Premier League title.

Dario told Crewe Alex Player: “I was genuinely surprised that Sir Alex retired because I had spent half an hour talking to him at Carrington, the previous Saturday and he was full of life and looking forward. He has talking about Nick (Powell) and planning, so when I heard the rumours I thought it was just that.

“I couldn’t believe it and it was a shock to me because he was talking as if he was carrying on. There does come a point when you think about carrying on. It does become an age and health thing and we are both 70+ now.

“It is not easy with the pressure and he has just won another Championship but there is no release. He would be expected to go on and do well again next season and it is relentless. It is not easy to keep that momentum going all the time.

“Alex has a lot of other interests and will keep himself busy. He has a big family to look after and I ‘m sure he is looking forward to it and not having to live with those enormous pressure. His career is second to none.” 

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