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Disabled Supporters

Disabled Supporter Information



Crewe Alexandra Football Club fully supports the principle of equal opportunities and opposes all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of disability. 

The club operates a specific ticketing policy for disabled supporters and will ensure that the scheme does not discriminate between disabled people with differing impairments. 


As a fundamental principle the Equality Act states that disabled people should not be treated "less favourably, without justification" and "reasonable adjustments should be made to make goods, facilities and services accessible". 

Crewe Alexandra Football Club aims to comply with both the provisions and spirit of the Equality Act. 

For the purposes of this policy only, the definition of a disabled supporter is:- "Any person who, because of their disability or impairment, is unable to use ordinary stand seating without contravening Health and Safety Regulations, Guidelines or Policy or where the club has provided a " reasonable adjustment" to enable that supporter to attend the venue. Any such person will be considered for use of the "designated areas" of the stadium in line with the procedures set out in this policy". 

A "reasonable adjustment" in the context should include (but is not limited to), the need to use a wheelchair bay, the need to bring a "personal assistant" for either personal care or safety reasons, or the use of an auxiliary service (e.g. match commentary for blind and partially sighted supporters). 

A "designated area" is any area (including specific seats around the stadium) that the club shall, in its sole discretion determine as being available for the disabled ticket price. 
A person has a "disability" if he/she has a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on his/her ability to carry out normal day to day activities. 

Crewe Alexandra Football Club reserves the right to request "proof of a disability" before issuing any concession. 

Such proof shall include:- 

1. Receipt of the medium to high rate Disability Living Allowance (mobility or care component) 
2. Receipt of either the Severe Disablement Allowance or Attendance Allowance. 
3. A Personal letter from you GP. 

NB: Proof required may change depending on alterations to current legislation regarding the benefit payments system. Receipt of a Blue badge will not be considered sufficient proof of disability. 


The club has the following accessible positions for supporters who are wheelchair users and, if required, a personal assistant:- 

It is the club policy that one helper with any disabled person using a wheelchair receives their admission to the ground free of charge. The wheelchair-user is required to pay the normal wheelchair admission price for that particular game. Season tickets will be available for both the wheelchair-user and their personal assistant. 

Please note if the disabled person cannot attend we will only allow a carer access provided they pay for a full price seat. 

Home fans are seated in the East, West and South stands at pitch level. Away fans are seated in the North Stand. Seating is covered and helpers are seated adjacent or behind.

There are 70 wheelchair bay in home areas and a further 14 for away end. We can also accommodate family groups.

* Wheelchair using applicants should ideally, also be accompanied by a person who is capable of supporting the disabled person's needs in the event of an emergency. For this reason the club strongly recommend that a person is sixteen years of age or over and not be infirm, but we do support younger family members who are used to acting as a Carer. 


The club accommodates blind and partially sighted supporters and if required, their personal assistants within the stadium. The pricing of tickets will be the same as supporters using wheelchairs. (I.e. disability price) 

Match commentary is provided via the local hospital radio service. The club have 6 headsets available on request, to receive this commentary. 

The club strongly recommends that each blind or partially sighted supporter attending a match should be accompanied by a person who is fully able to support their needs in an emergency. 

Guide Dogs are allowed into the stadium but the club insist that supporters with guide dogs contact the club before the match so that we can discuss with them access to the ground, facilities inside the ground and the welfare of the guide dog before, during and after the match. 


The club recognise that there are considerable numbers of people in the community who use wheelchairs mainly for outdoor mobility purposes but are not necessarily permanent wheelchair users. There are also many people with limited mobility who may wish to watch a match. 

For the purposes of this policy and the administration of the concessionary ticketing policy both categories of people will be termed "ambulant disabled supporters" and those supporters with limited mobility of a severe nature will qualify for the concessionary treatment and have access to seating nearest the entrances/exits on request. 

Eligibility to these areas will be dependent on providing proof of disability as described previously or will be decided on individual merit. 


The club welcomes deaf and hard of hearing supporters and hearing assistance dogs.


Supporters with physically restricting medical conditions can sometimes have difficulty in reaching seats in some parts of the stadium. 

The club are conscious that these fans, as well as some elderly people, may have difficulty climbing large numbers of steps and therefore are happy to offer alternative seating when required, on request at the ticket office prior to the game 


Supporters with an intellectual or learning disability can normally be accommodated in any part of the stadium in normal seating. However if for whatever reason any such supporter feels that ordinary seating would be unsuitable for them, they will be entitled to sit in the disabled concessionary areas and receive the appropriate concession. Tickets should be arranged in advance through the clubs ticket office. 


The club recognise that disabled people have families who may wish to attend matches as a family unit. The club will try and accommodate such requests although this may not always be possible. 

Please contact the ticket office for assistance in obtaining tickets as close as possible to the designated areas. 


Ambulant/Carer tickets are normally available out of the standard ticket allocation sent to the away club.

65 places are allocated on our main pay and display car park for wheelchair users, this is priced at £3.50. Generally level access with some ramps to specific areas. Car Park access situated 50 metres from the Alexandra Stadium.


There is a drop off/ set down point at the front of the Whitby Morrison Stand (Away Supporters) where disabled/elderly or infirm supporters will find seating provided for their convenience whilst their driver parks their vehicle away from the stadium.. Matchday stewards are also on hand to give assistance. Please notify us when you book your tickets if you would like some help. 


Match day catering for wheelchair / ambulant disabled people is provided in the kiosks located near to the wheelchair areas. As we do not have low level counters at these refreshment kiosks the club stewards have been instructed to assist wheelchair / ambulant supporters with the purchase of refreshments, if requested. 


The club have provided accessible toilets adjacent to those areas occupied by wheelchair users. Each of the toilets is alarmed. 

If you experience any problems with the use of the accessible toilets please contact the nearest steward on the day or the club safety officer after the match. 


Disabled supporters can book their tickets over the phone by email or in person. 

The contact details for this are:- 

1) 01270 252610  - Beverley Dyer, Disabled Liaison Officer,

2) In person at the match day ticket office 

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